Andreas Wagner

Andreas Wagner

Head Liposome Technology at Polymun Scientific GmbH

Dr. Andreas Wagner is Head of Liposome Technology at Polymun Scientific GmbH. He has significant expertise formulation of liposomes and LNPs and development of the respective processes for their clinical use. He and the team at Polymun Scientific have significantly contributed to the 1st successful mRNA vaccine Comirnaty by optimizing and up-scaling the LNP process as well as by supporting clinical and early market supply of the successful Covid-19 vaccine. Dr Andreas Wagner studied Biotechnology at the University of Applied Life Sciences in Vienna, Austria and earned his Master and Ph.D. degrees in the field of

Presentation by Andreas Wagner

Session Title: Guiding RNA formulations from laboratory research to the market – Lessons learned from development and optimization of LNP/liposome formulations.

RNA-based therapeutics, which function by either silencing pathological genes through delivery of siRNA or expressing therapeutic proteins through the delivery of exogenous mRNA to cells, hold great potential for the treatment of various diseases, like Covid-19 related diseases. However, mRNA molecules are large, fragile and easily degrade.