Dipendra Gyawali

Dipendra Gyawali

Sr. Scientist, Team Lead at Moderna

I currently work as Senior Scientist in the LNP Process Development department at Moderna, based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. I obtained my Master of Science degree in 2009 from UT Southwestern Medical Center/UT-Arlington, specializing in Bioengineering with a focus on Biomaterial and Drug Delivery. I have co-authored 25 peer-reviewed scientific journal paper, contributed to 3 book chapters and invited interviews with over 1500 citations to my work. Additionally, I hold 4 US and international patents. My primary research involves understanding the significance of biomaterials in mRNA delivery and overseeing detailed characterization of lipid nanoparticles employed in mediating mRNA delivery.


All Sessions by Dipendra Gyawali

Title: Mastering LNP Characterization: Unravel Lipid Nanoparticle intricacies for enhanced
therapeutic efficacy and safety.

  • An overview of the latest analytical tools and strategies used to characterize mRNA within lipid nanoparticles (LNPs). Discusses the most recent insights into the mechanisms of mRNA degradation within lipid nanoparticles