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What is FormuTech?

Advancing mRNA Process Development & Manufacturing | Innovative LNP Formulations

FormuTech Summit is an exceptional gathering set to revolutionize the field of mRNA process development and manufacturing, as well as highlight groundbreaking LNP (Lipid Nanoparticle) formulations.

With a strong focus on fostering collaboration, innovation, and knowledge exchange, the FormuTech Summit will unite over 100+ senior industry experts, thought leaders, and visionaries from prominent pharmaceutical, biotechnology companies, and esteemed educational entities. This dynamic assembly of minds is poised to catalyze transformative advancements in mRNA-based therapeutics and LNP technologies.

Hours of Networking
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Key Themes and Practical Insights

1. Empowering mRNA Advancements

Accelerate the journey of mRNA processes from research to commercial scale, ensuring heightened efficiency, stability, and therapeutic relevance to meet stringent regulatory and market demands.

2. Mastering LNP Characterization

Navigate the intricate landscape of Lipid Nanoparticles, unraveling their pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic profiles, biodistribution patterns, and re-dosing considerations for enhanced therapeutic efficacy and safety.

3. Global mRNA Manufacturing Challenges

Gain valuable insights into overcoming hurdles and bottlenecks faced in the worldwide manufacturing of mRNA vaccines, forging a path toward a more resilient and responsive production landscape.

4. Expanding LNP Applications

Harness the power of LNPs for gene editing, RNA and DNA applications, as well as CRISPR technologies. Explore strategies to encapsulate intricate payloads, including oligonucleotides, for unparalleled therapeutic potential.

5. Envisioning an Optimized CMC Roadmap

Chart the course toward an advanced Chemistry, Manufacturing, and Controls (CMC) strategy for the production of mRNA therapeutics, empowering a future of consistent quality and long-term efficacy.

6. Navigating Technical and Regulatory Landscapes

Overcome technical and regulatory hurdles inherent in the development and manufacturing of mRNA vaccines, ensuring compliance, safety, and efficacy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The BioTech Pharma Summit encompasses a series of two-day events, converging pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors. Occurring quadrennially, it gathers industry experts. As part of the BioTech Pharma Summit group, events like RESCON, NEXTBIO, GENAP, and FORMUTECH, among others, extend its influence. For more information, explore https://biotechpharmasummit.com. EPM Group is the proud owner of the BioTech Pharma Summit.

Business Casual/Formal

Certainly, our events prioritize participant privacy and exclusivity. To arrange a meeting, kindly reach out to our team at least one week prior to the conference. Provide the contact details of the desired delegate, enabling us to efficiently schedule your meeting.

Absolutely. We typically send out speaker presentations to all delegates in PDF format within 14 days post-event.

The NPO/Investor Ticket is available for:

  1. University students currently enrolled
  2. Venture Capital professionals
  3. Registered Doctors
  4. Government employees (NPO)
  5. Professors

To ensure exceptional event quality, the FormuTech Summit will feature an exclusive audience, capped at 100 delegates.

Securing your spot early offers the best value. Prices begin at 595€ for NPO participants, 995€ for industry members, and 750€ for group registrations.

No, in the event of unforeseen circumstances leading to cancellation, the FormuTech Summit will be rescheduled for new dates.

Please be aware: While we strive to uphold the advertised program, EPM Group reserves the right to modify event dates, locations, or features as necessary, including merging events. Should such changes occur, including due to force majeure, no refunds, partial refunds, or alternative options will be offered. However, if the event is permanently canceled without being rescheduled or merged, a credit note equivalent to the paid amount will be provided. No refunds or alternative offers will be made in this scenario.

Certainly. According to our Terms & Conditions, cancellations made one month before the conference commence will receive a 50% refund, accounting for administration charges. Unfortunately, cancellations within one month of the conference start date are ineligible for refunds.

Please be aware: Should the event be rescheduled due to unforeseen circumstances, your ticket will automatically carry over to the new dates, and refunds will not be granted.

Refunds are typically processed after the conclusion of the conference. Please allow some time for the refund process to be completed.

Please be aware: Should the event be rescheduled due to unforeseen circumstances, your ticket will automatically carry over to the new dates, and refunds will not be granted.

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