Chiara Bruckmann

Chiara Bruckmann

Lab Head, mRNA Process, Formulation an Analytical Development group at Thermo Fisher Scientific

I have over 20 years of experience in the field of life sciences and possess strong expertise in downstream processes. I specialize in developing analytical tools and techniques that aid in understanding complex protein-nucleic acid systems. My previous experience includes working in the R&D pre-clinical division of a small Italian biotech company where I contributed to moving the company’s lead candidate into the clinical phase. My educational background includes a BS in Biology, an MS in Biochemistry from the University of Rome (Italy), and a PhD in Structural Biology from the University of Edinburgh (UK)

All Sessions by Dr. Chiara Bruckmann

Targeting: Global mRNA Manufacturing Challenges: Overcome worldwide manufacturing hurdles for a resilient and responsive production landscape.

  • mRNA-LNP process road from preclinical to GMP/QC
  • Main challenges in mRNA process technology transfer
  • Main challenges in nucleic acid formulation technology transfer
  • Main challenges in analytical methods technology transfer
  • Main challenges in scaling up mRNA processes and nucleic acid formulation processes