Juliana Haggerty

Juliana Haggerty

Head of Centre of Excellence - LNP at CPI

Juliana (Jules) Haggerty is leading a new UK Centre of Excellence to enable radical innovation in the field of Intracellular Drug Delivery for nucleic acid therapies and vaccines, working with partners across the UK’s academic and research ecosystem. She has worked at CPI since 2014, supporting their RNA vaccine programmes for the UK Vaccine Taskforce in 2020 and providing expert advice and due diligence on legacy activities and onshoring throughout 2021. Jules sits on the Technology and Innovation committee of the UK Medicines Manufacturing Industry Partnership and has significant expertise in the use of public/ private funding and collaborative R&D models to advance technology and innovation. Jules has a BSc (Hons) degree in Physiological Sciences and an EngDoc in Biopharmaceutical Process Development from Newcastle University. In her early career, she spent 8 years at global Life Sciences company, Millipore, working on advanced technology development and best practice for biopharmaceutical manufacture and further developed expertise in image analysis, machine learning and algorithm development during her doctoral studies.

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Title: UK Intracellular Drug Delivery Centre: A collaborative programme using advanced technology solution to accelerate and de-risk RNA formulation development

  • The UK government has provided £10m of funding to create a distributed Centre of Excellence to accelerate innovation in the development and manufacture of RNA based drug products. by bringing together leading academics and translation expert in research and technology organisations.
  • The presentation will describe the centre research programme which uses high throughput screening of novel lipids and LNP formulations, alongside physicochemical , in vitro, ex vivo and in vivo characterisation.
  • Initial data on the translation of methods, screening outputs and use of machine learning will be presented. Future activities including a digitally enabled manufacturing line will also be described.